The Kingdom Series

Saint_Patrick_Catholic_Church_(Junction_City,_Ohio)_-_stained_glass,_Crown_of_GloryThe Kingdom of God is the key idea linking the Hebrew and Christian scriptures and the primary thrust of the life and ministry of Jesus. But what is it all about? For the next year (at least), I’ve decided to write exclusively about the Kingdom, to explore and engage with it.

Check out the pieces below. If you want to start at the first one and power through, more power to you. However, they can easily be read out of order!


Kingdom Series Posts:

  1. A Kingdom-Shaped Hole
  2. A Cosmic Joke
  3. It’s Not About Going to Heaven…
  4. …Or Not Going to Hell
  5. Good News!
  6. Not for Everyone
  7. Non-Violence and the Cross
  8. Proof of Life
  9. Jesus Ascending