About Adam

Adam Benner is a 40-something, American-Australian armchair theologian, who lacks any qualifications that would impress you. He often neglects the most basic of daily tasks due to ruminating on matters of apparent metaphysical significance. Adam loves scripture and loves it so much that he taught himself Koine Greek to read the New Testament poorly in the original language. This is an example of the pedantic and pointless endeavours he regularly pursues.

Beyond that, he considers himself a serious musician, one that other serious musicians don’t take all that seriously. He makes jokes when he’s uncomfortable and he’s uncomfortable a lot, so he makes a lot of jokes, which you probably wouldn’t find all that funny. The primary school students he teaches each day certainly don’t laugh at them.

Somehow, he convinced a beautiful and intelligent Australian named Renee to marry him. For years, she has put up with his absent-minded and moronic stumbling through day-to-day life. They live with their two sons in Melbourne, Australia.

You’re here because you’re interested in the Kingdom of God and what happens at the intersections of that kingdom and our culture(s). It must be that, because let’s be honest, there are better writers out there. Like Jane Austen and C.S. Lewis and Soren Kierkegaard. You should probably go and read them.

But if you do stick around, Adam would appreciate it.